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Latest News
Congaree Bluegrass Festival - October 4, 2008
11AM-6:30PM 1800 12th St. Cayce, SC
Cayce Classic Bluegrass
For more information, call 803.796.9020 ext 3030 or ext 3023
Native American Cherokee Trail River Festival  - October 6, 2007
Cayce Riverwalk Park
Special Guest, Chief Steve Silverhells
For more information, call Harold Spires 803.465.1730
Wise Words from Wise Men  - July 28, 2007
via a Wise Man "Colonel" Isom
George Washington Lives Blog
by James Renwick Manship
Victory at Fort Granby - May 15, 2007
Many good words about our neighbor and esteemed friend, Henry "Light 
Horse Harry" Lee...
Link reported by James Renwick Manship

 Cayce: Cradle of the Midlands 
  (A Comprehensive History-4 pages)
  by Rachel Steen - March 2007

 First Public Performance of "Cayce Calls Me " - Fri, Dec. 1, 2006
 Cayce has its own song, words and music
 by professional artist, Mrs. Stella Black
 Open House Cayce Historical Museum - Fri, Dec. 1, 2006
 2006 Christmas Tree Street Assignments

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